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Extensive range of professional vehicle locksmith services.

Have you locked yourself out of your vehicle? Have you lost all of your keys? Do you need a spare key for your vehicle? We can help you.

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Lockswood vehicle locksmiths.

Have you locked yourself out of your vehicle? Have you lost all of your keys? Do you need a spare key for your vehicle? We can help you. We can save you £££’S of pounds if you were to use us instead of your car main dealership!

Imagine this scenario. You lose all the keys to your car. You call up your main dealership and they say they can help you but the vehicle will need to be towed to their garage. Once they receive your car they will usually have it on average for 2-5 working days. This means you may have to consider hiring a car whilst yours is in the garage. Then you have the cost of the main dealers key charges!!

In total this scenario could potentially set you back £1000! On top of that you have all the stress and anxiety caused. The way around that scenario is to call Lockswood. We will always aim to be with you within 30 minutes of your call. We will be able to pick and decode your car, cut you a new key and program the fob and we aim to have you back on the road with 2 hours of your call, NOT 2-5 DAYS.

And all of this is done at the roadside which means no expensive towing fees to pay, no expensive car hire to pay, no expensive main dealer costs to pay, and much less stress and anxiety.

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At Lockswood we offer a range of Specialist Locksmith Services 24/7

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Emergency vehicle locksmith

Our 24 hour emergency vehicle locksmith services includes:

  • Free call out

  • Non-destructive entry

  • Picking and Decoding of vehicles

Replacement car keys & fobs

Replacement car keys may be be needed for various reasons.

  • Lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair

  • Specialised equipment needed

  • Old and new cars

Lost car keys

We can help you fast, ensuring vehicle protection and full functionality restored.

  • Cutting and programming

  • Replacement / re-coding of the ignition barrel

  • De-synchronisation of the key fob’s remote control

Locked out of car

If you’re locked out of your car don’t worry, it’s a pretty common thing to happen.

  • Keys locked inside the car

  • Lost your vehicle keys

  • The transponder chip in your car key is damaged and you need replacement car keys

Preferred supplier

Locks 4 Vans Industry leader in aftermarket security solutions for Commercial Vehicles.

Locks 4 vans are a preferred supplier for Lockswood. L4V’s success is owed to the fact that they manufacture and install vehicle and door specific kits. This gives customers a security solution that is bespoke and exacting, delivering the ultimate peace of mind.

Visit L4V’s website
Locks for Vans

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve locked my keys in my car! Can you get them out without damaging the car?

Yes, no problem. We have a range of auto lock picks for many different makes and models of vehicles. We can usually gain access to your vehicle in under 5 minutes without causing any damage whatsoever.

Is it cheaper to go to a main dealer for a new key?

Absolutely NO!! A main dealer will usually charge at least double the amount what we will charge for a new car key. Also you have the benefit of us coming to you rather than you taking your vehicle to the main dealer.

I’ve lost my car keys. How long will it take to make a new one?

In most cases we are able to have you back on the road within an hour of arriving at the vehicle.

How much will it cost for a new car key?

This is a difficult question to answer! Unfortunately different car keys and remotes cost different amounts.

I just need a spare car key! Can you do this?

Absolutely Yes!! And the best thing is that because we are mobile, we come to you.

I’ve lost all of my car keys! Can you make me another?

Yes we can. We can cut and program a new vehicle key at the roadside.

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